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Welcome to my personal website! Explore to learn about my research interests, my completed and ongoing projects, and what I do when not drowning in academia!

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Cassandra “Cassie” Maz

Ph.D. student at the University of Washington

This fall, I will be entering my 3rd year in the linguistics Ph.D. program. My current research interests include:

Current/Ongoing Projects

Sign Language Translation Systems: investigating the demand for automated sign language translation within Deaf communities and how well existing systems can capture various aspects of ASL grammar.

Conflict Resolution in Cooperative Gaming: investigating how conflict resolution contributes to collective storytelling in cooperative tabletop games such as Dungeons & Dragons and Monster of the Week.

Past Research Projects

Gendered Dialogue in Animated Films: looks at how male and female characters in Disney and Dreamworks animated movies use language depending on whether they are protagonists or antogonists. See the project repo here.